Friday, 30 December 2011

Places 1: Bristol

Clifton Suspension Bridge
The city of Bristol, will be the first topic, in this section of the blog. Bristol is the sixth biggest city in England with a population of about 1,000,000.Historically, a port city with a lot of links to the early slave trade. 

Culture is generally the biggest claim to fame of the city of Bristol a finalist in the European city of culture, which was somehow in a moment of madness I'm sure give to Liverpool.

DJ Derek
Music wise Bristol has always been home to hipster genres
such as dub and trip-hop, being the hometown for artist's such
as Portishead, Massive Attack. More Notably they were home
 to some good DJ's such as the infamous DJ Derek, who at 69

 pumps out the beats in the most noteworthy of ways. 

In regards to Art, I'm sure Bristol has populated the world with countless play-rights, poets, and generic artists, however here,
Special mention must be made to the world renowned Graffiti artist: Banksy.
Banksy has received popular acclaim for his politically incorrect, pieces all over the world, but mostly in Bristol his hometown. On the right is one of his most famous piece which is on the bottom of a very busy street.
Sadly nowerdays, celebrities and big business men, find that it somehow acceptable to buy pieces of Banksy. Which, completely defeats the entire object of his pieces, and should be a crime against art. Bastards.. It has also leant to the complete comercialistion of graffiti in general creating a market out of free speech.

Lastly sport, Bristol does have a Rugby and American Football Team,
Among other thing's, interestingly my father used to play Quarter Back for
Bristolian  American Football team, sadly in America this may of been a
great achievement, and worth getting excited over, here it just meant he
 could throw and didn't mind getting the most.  However, the most important
aspect of sport in Bristol, is considered to be the football team.
Bristol City Football Club, will be the subject of the next blog, try and contain your excitement. 


  1. I don't live far from Bristol, nice town.

  2. I love bansky's work! so characteristic

  3. Sounds like a lovely place! Great post!

  4. I'd love to go there.

  5. I'd like to visit there some day.

  6. I was in England last year. Was in York. Really nice city. But I forgot that one.
    Maybe next year I'll visit Bristol too :)

  7. Bristol sounds like a cultural center. It's interesting how some cities develop into places where culture is born and shaped.

  8. Haven't been to Bristol. It sounds really nice though.

  9. Happy New Year!

  10. Would love to go to Bristol, Happy New Year!

  11. happy new year, want to visit bristol too

  12. bristol sounds awesome. happy new year!

  13. Bristol seems beautiful.
    I like your blog. +follow