Monday, 26 December 2011


It's that time of year again, Gluttony, Capitalism and Chocolate all rolled into one, drawn out affair of niceties, fake smiles, and gift giving. Not to say that I don't hope everyone had a fantastic day, and got everything on their list. Regardless of whether they were naughty or nice, I've heard Santa's screening programs aren't what they used to be.

I was surprised and pleased to acquire a new keyboard, which I will be devoting a lot of time to. Although I have been looking for my old keyboard books and could not for the life of me find them anywhere. Sadly the day was marred by the continued correspondence of the ex, who still despite the torrid end to our monotonousness, (by the end) relationship, still envisages us remaining the  chummiest of pals. Although, all in all I'd have to concede that it was a pretty enjoyable day.

On a side note as this is my first blog I'll explain a little of what I was planning to do here.
This is my first attempt at a blog, and have never really taken part in anything similar in the past therefore I will be using it as a way to validate those mundane memories that people seem to forget even in young age, hopefully this will be done through the process of three key things. At the end of each daily post, I plan to include one Key Quote of the day, a Key Song, and a Key Memory.

Key Quote- Unkown- It's better to be Pissed off, Than Pissed on
Key Song- The Hyrule Cattle Market- Zelda
Key Memory - 9 Kill streak On BattleField 3

Till tomorrow, Stay Golden.


  1. I may be a day late..but Merry Christmas my brother! Following

  2. Your first attempt at a blog, and I bid you good luck! I look forward to seeing more posts from you! Following-

  3. Protip: your name is max. thank your parents. that is awesome.