Monday, 26 December 2011

Battlefield 3

I got given this game yesterday for Christmas and have spent a while enjoying the multi-player. If I had to be honest, I do find it more enjoyable than COD in some respects, but I just don't see the replay-ability that you get from other franchises, I believe it has lent itself to strong into the ideal that to create a good game, it must do everything cod did/does, but with one or two aspects slightly better or slightly different. Sadly this does not make a good game, and after spending half an hour on the shaky single player campaign which was on disc 2 not 1, which I found a bit disheartening. Unfortunately I could not give an opinion on co-op as it's not possible to play local, which disappointed my brother immensely.

On a more brighter note, I did find the most epic video of this game, which is probably the sole reason I asked for it, to be completely honest.

So far, I've done a little on myself, music and now video games and TV, next up will be a short book review.


  1. Yeah, it looks better than mw2 *cough* mw3. Hard to tell the difference

  2. Battlefield 3 is just awesome